Organizational Transformation

Learn the key characteristics of each phase of organizational growth so you can determine where your company is and understand how to foster its sustainable growth through your leadership strategies.    


Participants are encouraged to explore and expand their understanding of diversity in a safe, supportive learning environment while considering the competitive advantage for a business that demonstrates it values diversity.    

Leadership Skills

Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a mindset supported by strategies and behaviors that promote clarity, inspire a vision, communicate desired outcomes, foster innovation, build effective systems and processes, capitalize on strengths, attract, motivate, and develop, and retain talent.    

Career Planning

Our career coaches break down the process of preparing for and making career decisions, changes, or simply exploring options. Current and
timeless instruments, tools, and methods are explored and practiced to
make career transition less daunting, more exciting.

Decision Making

High performing teams and individuals decide how to decide. Learn how several types of decisions fit different situations and how to benefit from each type: individual, minority, majority, consensus, unanimous.    


Learn how to lead group process to help participants take responsibility for outcomes, meets their goals, and feel satisfied with the approach taken.    

Bush Anderson

Serving as facilitators, consultants, and speakers. 

Linda Bush is President of Bush Anderson & Associates, Inc. an entrepreneurial global consulting firm that specializes in designing and delivering human performance interventions that result in the client’s ability to exceed business objectives while building employee and client satisfaction.  With 13 years of operations management and executive leader development experience at IBM, Linda’s capable and enthusiastic presentations and executive coaching create transformational client engagements.  Linda has broad experience in consulting, coaching, training, and speaking in the following industries: manufacturing, health care, distribution, finance, advertising, energy, high technology, retail, universities, and foundations.  Linda facilitates solutions for strategic leadership individuals and management teams, for high-potential emerging leaders and for supervisory levels. A facilitator, corporate trainer, author, and consultant, Linda Bush has over 30 years experience in business operations management, in leadership and human resource development, and in all levels of public and private education (K-college).  Linda is recognized as a Master Facilitator and Coach by clients, applying special expertise in designing and delivering experiential learning events, including outdoor and equine-assisted elements.


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