Owning Our Perception & Expectations

What’s the difference between these two sentences? He had nothing to say. He said nothing. The second one reports the fact. The first one is my impression, my perception, my opinion, or an oblique way of saying ‘he spoke but it didn’t mean anything’. Owning the interpretation of the fact is a big step for some who prefer to see only through their hurt, fearful lens. What a leap to not make the other person responsible for how you feel! […]

Differences Make All the Difference

How often have you heard “opposites attract”? We experience and believe it scientifically and even in love relationships. “I believe unresolved patterns attract,” says Paul Cutright, author of You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think. Paul and Layne Cutright run the Center for Enlightened Partnerships in Las Vegas. “What most people call falling in love is really falling in pattern,” he says. “Relationships are about getting our own needs met, often on an unconscious basis. In other words, we […]

Decide How to Decide

Our clients often hear us say, “Decide how to decide.” It’s a reminder that the process, not just the decision, has lasting effect. So we outline five types of team decisions as a start. While no one likes to receive an edict from their boss or team leader, high performance teams count on the individual’s solo decision from time to time. A sports example is all we need to emphasize how, as the circumstances arise, the individual who has the […]